edge structures


  • Tony Bailey - Director
  • Tony Bailey - Managing Director

    Tony is a founding director of Edge Structures in 2005. He has a wide range of experience including offices, residential, theatres, museums, sports stadia and education buildings. Tony has been involved in many projects that have helped to advance the use of modern construction techniques including modular construction and what was the world’s tallest modular building for Thames Valley University at The Paragon in Brentford. Recent projects include a 5 star underground destination hotel at Hersham, client side review services for a new football stadium in Basra, the Mi Loft prefabricated housing concept, student housing, the development of major new sport and cultural facilities in Eastbourne and a number of city centre commercial projects. Tony is responsible for the professional and commercial direction of the business but also actively leads and reviews projects. Outside of work, Tony is busy with his family, friends and church and is regularly seen racing himself on his daily cycling commute to the office.

  • Phil Kwan - Director

    Phil joined Edge Structures in 2012 having previously held senior management positions in other businesses. He has extensive experience covering several sectors and structural types.  He thrives on innovation and likes to engineer elegant solutions for complex projects. He believes the structures we design should become a greater part of society and enhance the local environment. His experience includes architectural steelwork, specialist timberwork, footbridges, refurbishment and conservation. Phil is responsible for maintaining our high standards of design excellence and for ensuring that training and development needs are met for our staff. Phil brings to work his positive approach to life and enjoys skiing, family and culture.

  • Patricia Garcia - Company Secretary & Finance Manager

    Patricia joined Edge Structures having worked with Tony in two previous companies and covers a number of our business operations including finance, HR and office management.

    She is the key to our success in business terms and also encourages an active staff welfare and social culture.