edge structures


Current progress at Huguenot Place, E1 – February 2019

Work at Huguenot Place is progressing where we are upgrading and extending a former Victoria Brewery that has been converted to offices.

The demolition of the East Block  has revealed the temporary works which have been designed to retain the original brick wall while the construction of the new internal layout takes place.

This system features vertical and horizontal Slimshor braces resin anchored to the brick wall and fixed to mass concrete footings bearing on the ground.

Heart of the City

We want to do well by doing good. This year we’re proud to be members of Heart of the City – they’re supporting us to develop a responsible business programme that will help us have a positive impact on people, places and the planet.

During 2019 we’ll be developing activities around connecting with and supporting our local community, making sure our business practices are environmentally friendly and improving our workplace for employees. We’re excited to keep you updated with what we’re doing!


Current progress at Kingsland Road E2 – December 2018

RC frame complete – Kingsland Road

Following the start of construction in spring, the RC frame for this surgery & apartment block has already been completed.

The key feature of the design was a large overhang from the second storey upwards – this structural challenge needed to be overcome as the foundations had to be kept away from the existing services in the ground, whilst a minimum floor area had to be achieved  above to guarantee economic viability – which literally meant different parts of the building needed to be balanced!

Also, the zig-zag masonry façade required a robust line of support and needed to be practical to build with all the different geometrical configurations. Therefore, a design was conceived where the slab edge follows the zig-zag pattern which could also be built with standard formwork.



Current Progress Forster House Beckenham – Nov 2018

Work at Forster House is progressing.

The first and second floor reinforced concrete transfer decks and the CLT superstructure frame is now complete. Windows are being installed into the CLT, ground/first floor external leaf brickwork has started and the roof felt is due to be installed to provide a watertight building.

Further civils works to be built include a traditional RC retaining wall to the access road, tarmac and block paving and the Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDs) measures, including storm water attenuation amounting to 58 cubic metres is due to be installed in the New Year.

Overall completion of the project is expected by end of May 2019.

Well done Rick Roelofs

Well done and congratulations to associate Rick Roelofs for passing the arduous (!) exam and becoming a member of the Institution of Structural Engineers!


Guatemala Volunteering Trip – August 2018

This August we have been back to Guatemala again! Building on the success of previous years we managed to get a diverse team together with a fair number of Edge employees – to continue the office banter abroad! Our contribution to the Oasis Girl’s Home this year involved some hands-on building activities such as painting, installing ceilings, hanging cabinets, digging a soakaway and other things that we normally leave to the contractor 😉

Besides that we organised some one-off activities – which were partly funded by the Phoenix Yard cakesale – which involved shopping & cooking for all girls and staff (120 people!), a day out to the water park, a craftwork afternoon, and the girls building a giant slide (‘el toboggan terrifico’) for a ping pong ball.

On top of that we got to support and relieve the local staff, play with the girls and… last but not least pick up our Spanish again!

Hasta luego!